Our store has a great selection of toys for kids and childish souls, professional collectibles, models and more.
Furthermore, PanzerMagazinet offers clothing and accessories from the renowned MilTec etc., so there are plenty of opportunities to bring souvenirs home.
All items can also be purchased at our Christmas tree sale the 4 Advent weekends up to Christmas, or by appointment we can ship items or they can be picked up at the address.

If you wish, we can be contacted by email: or tel. +45 20 25 90 48.

COBI bricks.

We now also lead the entire COBI program in the World of Tanks and the COBI Small Army.
COBI's brick system is compatible with both Lego and is also the most realistic building kit compared to real vehicles.
COBI's system is also available in several variants with remote control and Bluetooth system, all at the usual low prices

cobi 01cobi 02


We carry a nice selection of Torro's remote controlled tanks in the 1:16 aspect ratio. Torro is one of the most recognized brands in remote controlled tanks in both plastic and metal. Professional quality, and we sell tanks that shoot with both Hard Ball bullets and infrared.

Trumpets, ZVEZDA and ICM

We carry a fine selection of assembly kits from the three recognized and popular brands, in different sizes and difficulty levels

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