Events / Vehicle rental

 It is possible to rent military trucks (several models) for events, parades, films etc. and of course for Student Driving.

We also offer an armoured personnel carrier (FV432) and a troop transport (BV206) both driven on track, for events and other occasions such as bachelor parties, anniversaries and birthdays. It is possible to steer and navigate the vehicles, but only with instruction from an issued vehicle commander. These vehicles are only allowed to be driven on closed areas.

It is furthermore possible to rent the exhibitioned vehicles for movies and photoshoots (including transport to customer, or in our scenic surroundings) as well as mannequins, uniforms, and other equipment.

For wedding services, confirmations etc. we have a very nice American jeep (151 A2). We do not let out armoured vehicles for these occasions, as the laws regarding traffic and ensurance do not permit this.

If you have other ideas/wishes for the use of the collection, please do not hesitate to ask, we will help within our possibilities.

Watch the race between our Soviet T72 MBT and a Leopard 1 owned by the Danish Defence: